Vance Responds

Sean! Are you crazy?

You are telling me,

You no longer want

To be free?

You are pre-med

When do you have time to pursue?

You are a wreck,

Just look at you.

I admit, she is a looker

But you don’t need

To add pressure to the cooker.

This Seina, is she well to do?

Her station is way above you.

I don’t thing you should rush it my friend.

You know what they say, “Fools rush in.”

You have only met her the one time,

And I am sure you impressed her

On her dime.

Beanie-weenies and Ramen isn’t

The fare of the well to do,

So what did you prepare for you two?

Spaghetti with marinara and clams casino.

You did those good…way to go.

So what are you going to eat

For the rest of next week?

You blew your budget and that’s not neat.

Day labor!?!? You are a doctor to be

Chancing damaging those hands

Would be a tragedy.

Friend, you must follow your heart

And it isn’t always an easy task

But I will do my part,

You know you have only to ask.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The next piece of the saga. For the beginning, under Huck and Judy's collaborations.

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