Proud to be a Redneck


I'm a redneck,

tried and true,

Ready to serve my country,

how about you?

When the enemy is at our gate,

It is us rednecks that step up to the plate.

While you pantywaists want to negotiate at length,

Rednecks only negotiate from a position of strength.

We won't back down, and we won't run.

For us it is terrorist hunting season.

Now you may think me brash and crude,

But when the gun is at YOUR head,

Do you want a negotiator or a sharpshooter dude.

Look back through history and show me where

Negotiation averted war,

It isn't the negotiations,

but the willingness to fight,

that comes to the fore.

We learned on the play grounds that once begun,

The bullies would continue to make you run.

So spare me your rhetoric,

Let's kiss and make up,

Tighten you boot laces

And pass the bitter cup.

Y'all go clean and oil up them squirrel guns,

Us rednecks be gettin' ready for

Terrorist huntin' season.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all those who think we should "cut and run" from Iraq, remember in the school yard what happened when you ran from a bully, they picked on you all the time and you keep running until you realize that if you stand firm, you may get pounded, but you get some measure of respect as the bully looks for an easier target.  World politics is no different. We are after terrorists and Iraq just happens to be the nexus.  Rather fight them there than here.  Granted we could pull back and let them kill each other then "negotiate" with the winner, but we are doing two things in Iraq: trying to build a democratic society, and continuing the war on terrorists.  The same people that made us withdraw from Viet Nam is making it harder for us in Iraq. I am sure the Iraqi people as a whole want the same things we place to raise our children and since we created the vacuum of power, we must try to give them the means to secure that peace.

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Tres Sorenson's picture

high 5 to ya on this one.......i would have posted it on the site. your entitled to your opinion about this just as anybody else is on their

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Very well said, my friend.So true and it is kind of cute and funny too...the way you put it, I mean, lol...
Hope you and your family are doing okay...T
God bless you!
Your friend,