Sean Calls Mom with the News

Mom, I just had to call….

She said, “Yes”

It is hard to believe it all

My mind is a mess.

What? No, we haven’t set a date,

All that matters to me is

she will be my mate.

Yes, I know we need to plan,

After we graduate is her only demand.

Mom, don’t cry…You aren’t losing a son,

But gaining the daughter you always wanted.

Will you tell dad when he returns from the cruise,

That Y’alls baby boy you are about to lose.

No! No! No! Don’t cry

I was just kidding….no lie.

Mom, I will always be your baby

I love you mom and just maybe

We will give you are grand or two,

Wouldn’t that be grand? I know you.

Well mom, I have a test to study for.

Huh, oh yeah, Vance just went out doors.

We have a study group that meets under the trees,

I have go now mom, they are waiting for me.

I love you mom and dad too

I have to go now tho my heart aches,

Maybe Seina and I can come home

Over Christmas Break.

Bye now, I have to go.

Love me, of course I know.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Saga continues.  For the rest,

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