For Jody III

Love of my Life

Come. Let me love you

Like you’ve never been loved before.

A love so deep,

It will touch your heart’s core.

Let me caress your senses

With words so intensely sweet.

Words that enrapture you,

And your body to entreat.

Come let me explore your softness,

Touching forbidden places,

To taste the honey that is you,

As my tongue your body traces.

Let go your senses,

Drift off to my sensuous strains,

As my music fills your body,

With pleasurable refrains.

Come let me love you,

As only I know how.

Let go! Come to me.

The time is now.

We will drink the Milky Way

From the Big Dipper,

The moon and earth

Will be your slippers.

The treasure of this world,

Will be mine it is true,

Come to me, let me show,

That the only treasure for me…is you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Her love just keeps giving and giving.

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