Father's Plea

I heard about a motorcycle crash on I-95

And had to call to see that you were alive.

My heart was in my throat

when you answered the phone

I choked back my tears

at the thought you might be gone.

I had trouble trying not to bawl

As I told you why I called.

They would have been tears of Joy

That God had spared my little boy.

I know how much fun the bike can be,

But so many more depend on you.  See?

For your mom and my peace of mind,

Lose the bike and I think you will find

Raising your little boy is more fun

Than you will ever have on a bike run.

I love you son, and that you know,

I worry about your bike at the speeds you go.

So please honor your father's request,

Dump the bike, cause you know Father knows best.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My son has a motorcycle and on the way to work I heard there had been a motorcycle crash on I-95, the route my son takes to work.  I got on my cell phone and called his home to talk to his wife to ask her to call him at work to make sure he was ok.  To my surprise and relief, he answered the phone.

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Judy Costea's picture

This is such a heart warming plea from a loving father. who cherishes his son and it shows in your heart and in your words. I hope he got rid of that bike...
Thank you sharing your beautiful poem with us
Peace and Love