What is a Volunteer

What is a volunteer?

A person that has a passion for what they do,

who will commit to a course of action and see it through.

They will take the bull by the horn and stand their ground,

and fight for their cause round after round.

Quitting is not allowed,

they must suceed and it must be now.

They will go the extra mile

Doing it while wearing a smile.

They shoulder the burdens, and do not whine,

of overworked staffs on the battlelines.

They give their time of their on volition

never expecting recognition.

But without these selfless and hardy souls,

Non-profit organizations would never make their goals.

It is these people who stand out above their peers,

These are our most cherished volunteers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to voluteers the world over, who without their dedication many service organizations would not be able to function.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I don't see poetry used this way normally. It was a nice change. Maybe, it will encourage people to volunteer.

D.Russell @ Postpoems's picture

A wonderful poem, Huck. I know how valuable volunteers are and the world is full of volunteers ready to assist in almost any field. All of the workers in my studio were volunteers, without them there would have been no live performances, publications, receptions, exhibits or classes.

Abritelite A's picture

there is nothing more fulfilling than the payment of a smile. Or to know you yourself can smile knowing what you acheived was fully appreciated. Mandy

HAWK SQUAW's picture

this was a beautiful tribute for all the volunteers out there..... thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us..... Renee'