Whats Happening to Me

My muse is on sabatical.  

Inspiration is eluding me.

I am missing that thing magical,

And original thoughts tend to flee.

Old age is really a bitch.

The mind has wasted away.

Hormones gone from Warlock to witch.

When someone told me "thank you Ma'am"

that really made my day.:(

So with all that said,

I guess it is true

Something is messing with my head,

but I still love you...or was it you...or you....or...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my friend Angie

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jgupta's picture

Hi Huck I had this idea that I was a 'Bitch' but that oldage could be one was a big surprise to me. Now I know.

Adelaide's picture

Huck, how in the world did you get into my mind...LOL I enjoyed this very much. Thanks.

Angela K's picture

Huck, I love this work of yours. You never cease to keep from my rolling in laughter my friend. Love ya! Angela