Forever Young

Copyright 1/13/01

Sitting in the top of a tree

Swaying back and forth in the breeze

Enjoying this God given life

Not to mention this great ride.

From my lofty perch

High above God's green earth

I have a birdseye view

Looking down on the miracle that is you.

From here, just a speck

Looking up at me wondering,

"What the heck"

Then this urge to hold you

Washes over me,

And I make quick work of

Coming down that tree.

With feet planted firmly on the earth

You asked why all the mirth?

It is you my love that makes me feel so young

So much so, I remember when climbing trees was fun.

Remember sneaking into the drive-in

When we could afford only one?

Your love takes me back to when

We considered that fun.

Recapturing my youth each time I see you

Makes me giddy, you too?

Your kiss is like a fine wine

That intoxicates this heart of mine.

It makes me want to break out in song,

As long as there is you, I will be forever young.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my wife.

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