Love Hurts

Copyright 01/04/01

No power on earth

Is more devastating than love.

Even the pain of child birth,

Can not compare to a lost love.

When the relationship has gone bad

You hurt with an unrelenting pain.

You are hurt and are so sad,

You feel you may never love again.

You see her face everywhere you look,

In a picture, on a poster, in a book.

Her scent lingers on to torture you the more.

You curse yourself, and call her a whore.

You want her back, you want her dead.

The vision of her, you can't get out of your head.

The pain goes on, day in, day out

Until you reach a point where her name brings only a pout.

Then life will resume and you are back in the game,

Until the next breakup and it all starts again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No reasons for this one other than a country song putting me in the mood.

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