Christmas Dinner Prayer

Thank you lord, for those gathered here today for this repast,

And for the blessings of this year past.

Thank you for the sacrifice of your son

For our sins, all and one.

Thank you for our sons, daughters,

Mothers, friends, husbands, and wives.

And, thank you lord for being a part of our lives.

Thank you for healing a sibling rift,

And taking away the possibility of cancer,

Giving back life was truely a gift.

Thank you for a tumor that wasn't there

Proving once again the power of prayer.

May your continued blessings

Continue to flow in this new year,

And may all who hear your name, be of good cheer.

For those who are gathered at this table of your grace,

Bless them as they go on their way

And keep them Safe.

Thank you for your bounty this day

We all have been touched by your love along our way.

Thank you lord for this food

And I pray you will sanctify it to our bodies for good.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This holiday season I have so much to be thankful for.  My son thought he may have bone cancer and didn't.  My mother had a tumor and was scheduled for an operation to remove it, and when she was going through pre-op prep, the tumor was gone.  My wife got a better job, and my sons who were feuding patched things up.  One son whose marraige was teetering was saved.  For all this I give thanks.  Happy holidays to all who read this and I pray you are all similarly blessed.

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Sherry's picture

hey babe, just finally got this far in my back mail box. this is a wonderful prayer, you truly have lots to be thankful for and are sensible enough to give the credit to God where it belongs. God was a wonderful God to dean and i this year also. we received so many blessings i can't believe i deserved them all but will accept and and very greatful for them all. you and jody will have to come see our new home, and if she wont you can anyway. God continue to bless you all. luv u sherry