Who Am I

Copyright 12/15/00

I was to a child born

On a winter's day

And her heart was torn

As she gave me away.

In desperation, she gave me up

To a loving family. They

That raised me from just a pup

To the person you see today.

Who am I

I need to know.

Am I that woman

From long ago,

Or the product

Of the family that loves me so?

I want to know the why that day

And all that stuff,

That I wasn't a throwaway

And it was done out of love.

I will always have my mom and dad

The ones that adopted me

And if my original parents can't be had

I will just let it be.

They are out there somewhere

This I know

That my biological mom had to care

And had great courage to let me go.

My new folks are really dear

And I try not to wonder

But during that christmas time of year

My mind tends to wander.

I am who I am

Not because life was fair

But because of the adopted fam

And the ones who cared.

I thank you for giving me life

And caring enough to give me away.

Tho, I will wonder about bio dad and wife,

It was my adopted family that guided my way.

In a way I feel sorry for what you did

And it is kind of sad

That you gave away this kid

Lucky was I too get a great mom and dad.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To children of adopted parents and the adopting parents.

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Lesa Gay's picture

This is beautiful Huck, and has many of the feeling that I being adopted myself feel.

You always feel a little disloyal to the family that has always loved you for the wonderings of your heart. I have decided that when both of my adoptive parents are no longer with me that I will try to search in ernest for at least a history of who is me.

Please when you get the time read Family Tree posted to my other site. I think that you may be surprised to see the similarities in our words.

This was a very beautiful poem that you wrote for your friend and I am sure that you have captured her thoughts. It is always around my birthday that I wonder the most.

My Best,

Angela Kenkel's picture

Huck, I can certainly relate to this one on a very personal level and touches a sensitive spot within...but then again...I imagine that you anticipated that in advance! Well written my friend and "family!" Love ya! Angela

ladydp2000's picture

Such a sad and wonderful poem Ferrel, and says so much more to me about the kids and parents in adoption situations.Bravo again for this, and I hope that anyone that reads this one be touched like me by such sensitive subject...truth and emotions on both parties. Take care and go on and post some more of your wonderful poetry..my friend, and let me know every time you do. Dorian.