Old Salts Love Letter

Copyright 12/13/00

Sailing on a saltine sea

With cottonball clouds overhead

Watching the gulls, bob and weave

And wishing I was with you instead.

Wind and wave and salty spray

Spring from the bow like a shower

When my shift is over at the end of the day

It is no wonder my attitude is sour.

With a gentle sea to rock me to sleep

I will dream of you in all you glory

And pray the lord, my safety keep

So there will be a happy ending to this story.

Sailing the oceans to foreign lands

Is an exciting way of life

It just wasn't in my plans

How much I would miss my wife.

With that said I'll close this night

And hope the helmsman steers a steady course

To reduce the distance to our home site

And back to you, I have no remorse.

Good night my love

My thoughts fly to you

On the wings of doves

And in dreams too.

The day has dawned once more

Billowing sails bringing me closer to home

The clouds drifting from a foreign shore

Making this the end of this poem.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

OK.  Not my best work.  May have to revisit and revise.

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