The Dragons Kiss Part III - The Broken Spell

Copyright 11/28/00

The great dragon lifted off in flight

I knew I could help her, if I timed it right.

With heart pounding in my chest,

I lunged after her into the precipace.

Missing my target, I started to gasp.

Death was now assured, when I felt her grasp.

She lifted me higher until I was on her back

As she winged towards home on a new tack.

We flew through cottony clouds

Above meadows, forests, and fields plowed.

To her lair in the side of a cliff

Of something sweet I caught a whiff,

Like jasmine or honeysuckle.

She set down and transformed

I fell so hard my knees buckled,

But I would save her as I had sworn.

"How can you save me from my plight,

You are neither wizard nor a Knight

It was the love of a wizard that got me this way,

When a spell he cast went astray.

He tried so hard to take it back,

But before he could the villagers attacked,

Killing him and trapping me in this awful form

I am now an object to be feared and scorned.

I try so hard to forgive and not kill,

But when I am attacked I lose my will."

I believe you have the answer that will set you free,

It is not the KISS OF A KNIGHT, but the KISS OF THE NIGHT you seek

So sleep in your dragon form

And on the morrow you may be reborn.

She changed back to the dragon to await the night,

I stayed by her side calming her praying I was right.

She finally wearied and lay down to sleep

When came the dawn we both weeped.

For the spell continued to hold her in its grip,

And I had to admit I was whipped.

I promised to never leave her until the spell was broke,

I kissed the dragon and she began to sob and choke.

The spell was lifted and the goddess stood there

In shimmering gown and flaxen hair.

Eyes that flashed like the stars in the sky

So totally enchanted in her beauty was I.

Then a strange tingling I did feel

An awesome power, making my head reel.

I had saved the lady only to be doomed

To be the dragon in the form I assumed.

My lady sobbed and promised to help and stay,

I told her of my undying love, then flew away.

She had suffered enough in this form

I set her free to regain a life torn.

Maybe some day we will meet again

Maybe in the hereafter, I know not when,

And she will gaze favorably on this one so low,

And in her heart she will know,

The love she had lost was really me,

As my love has always been for thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The final installment of "The Dragon's Kiss"

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dragongreeneyes's picture

I love this. I wish I could be so orginized. You tied it together so well. I didn't get to it till today, but it has given me a much needed lift. I am so glad you decided to join here.

gentle's picture

This is just an absolutely wonderful piece, full of imagery & imagination. It is a fairy tale, mystical & powerful. Yet, it contains a message that is so real. If you love someone, there is no sacrifice too great to prove that love is true. Your works are refreshing & honour the traditions of old poetry that have both rhyme & reason. This is not something that is seen very often anymore & there are still some of us who truly appreciate this style. Keep on writing. Amy

Gentle is the night♥