Ode to the Layoffs

Copyright 1998

Where has the loyalty gone

From servant to lord, lord to pawn.

We give all there is to give

To support our families so they can live.

A humdrum existence is our lot

Until the bottom line isn't ...What!

Then it is cut the force to make it fine

Make us leaner and meaner is the line.

Keep management in tact and lay off rank and file

Got to protect our empires and money piles.

We now have managers to workers two to one

Our bottom line isn't better, but oh what fun.

Maybe the bottom line would be better some one would say

If we cut all workers except the one we play

We can work him til he drops and leave him where he lays

And hire another just like him to keep us in play.

It is cheaper to pay overtime than hire what we need

And we can ride him hard this magnificent steed.

On the bodies of labor we are carried to our goal

To make our bottom line we must be bold.

The numbers look good and that is all that matters

Don't worry about the lives that we shatter

We have our reports and our fat is out of the fire

Lets look for new bodies now to hire.

Now the cycle starts yet again

albeit now we have fresh skin.

We can pick them clean in a year or two

when that bottom line comes for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Been on the receiving end of this and just tried to capture the feelings.

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Miranda Rae's picture

You ever work in Fort Wayne radio? LOL Sounds exactly like my last job. Well done, Huck. Please check out my piece "Corporate Assassin" if you get a chance, makes a nice companion to this one.