There is no loneliness as that of the mind

In the midst of a crowd there is no one you will find.  

The walls that surround you are insurmountable and thick

You worry about making a connection until you are sick.

The touch of a hand at that crucial time

Can break through the walls and free your mind.

A friend will reach out a saving hand

To retrieve you from that wasteland.

Their selfless act, given without thought or intent,

May save a lost soul that is hell-bent.

Reaching out to your lost mind,

They pull you from the depths of dispair in the nick of time.

Touch a friend, give them a hug

Or you may find you have helped them with the grave they have dug.

Being alone is not loneliness

Having no hope or one to share it with, is.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hold on to your friends, your caring may save their lives.

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