On Children

Copyright 12/1/00

Seeing a child sitting there

With wonderment in his eyes,

Whether to climb up with the help of a chair

Or dump the trash to give mom a surprise.

Their innocent looks appears so kind

Is this to mask a malevolent mind.

What is it? I must explore.

Dump this, topple that, what is behind this door?

Play hide and seek as mom tries to leave for work,

She doesn’t think this fun?  Gee! What a Jerk.

Now she wants to play 20 questions about the keys I hid,

I really don’t remember, but they are under some lid.

All this play is how I learn

And remembering that will keep you from a slow burn.

This is the time I will learn more than the rest of my life.

Putting me on the right path will reduce your strife.

Play with me and watch me learn,

As wonderment changes to knowledge at every turn.

Be my mentor and playmate as well,

Mold me as clay for time will tell.

From child to boy, boy to man

What I will be, comes from who I am.

Lead me to knowledge and help me to be,

Someone you are proud to see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fun thing with a message.

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hawksquaw99's picture

oh this one really touched me..... I have a four year old nephew... this one made me think of him.... when he does something that he thinks is wrong... he starts out with a little tiny shy smile.... then what can you do.... LOL.... well done on this piece... I loved it..... Renee'