This Old House

Copyright 06/2/00

This old house has seen better days,

The concrete block is cracked and crazed,

But it is where my children were raised,

For that I thank God and give him praise.

The terrazzo was replaced with carpet then tile.

The walls, were hand painted by a wife gone wild.

We always hold each other dear,

As the sign over the arch says, "Love is spoken here".

The kids are gone and the pool is rarely used.

The yard is a desert and has really been abused.

The yard hasn't really gone to seed

With this dry weather it is the firebreak I need.

Inside it is safe and warm,

Reflecting our love and its charm.

The kitchen received a new look,

That was greatly appreciated by me, the cook.

The garage has become a fantasy woodshop,

If only I had the time from a busy schedule to drop.

The porch was painted a time or three.

Went from green to red then back to green.

It ain't fancy, but we call it home

A place where family and friends can come.

Many family and friends passed through that rickety screen door,

And before I pass on, there should be many more.

It ain't much, this old house

But it keeps us dry when the rains douse.

I will probably die here in my bed

And this old house will still stand...enough said.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.

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ladydp2000's picture

Wow!Ferrel,wonderful, wonderful just dont stop amazing me with your poems....kid......this one about family, love, your home...It just touched me so much when I read it.....thank you for sharing this one with me..beautiful subject too about counting every day our blessings and remembering to thank God for it.....kid... My warmest wishes to you always Sincerely, Dorian