Things Id Miss Without You Here

Copyright 7/7/00

I would miss your glowing smile,

The softness of you and sex so wild.

I would miss your insecurities,

Like when I look at another woman, your jealousy.

I would miss your love so warm and pure

My love for you, there is no cure.

A love with out end,

A love none could rend.

I would miss your little tease

Of sleeping without your undies.

I would miss your heart of gold,

And your funny stories untold.

I would miss your freshness like a breath of fresh air

You are the only one for whom I truely care.

Without you, I have no life

For it takes a heart and you got that

when you became my wife.

If you were to go I would no longer be alive

Like separating siamese twins letting one die so the other could survive.

You are my other, your are my life,

Just like in "The Butcher's Wife".

I would miss your little snore,

Your happy tears and so much more.

I would miss your laughing until you cry.

Without you, this empty shell would die.

I would miss our little mishaps on the boat,

Like inadvertantly flipping on the lights during sex while afloat.

The mad scramble to turn them out

Before the neighbors saw what we were about.

I would miss your little fears

And your sad movie tears.

I would miss the caring counselor

Helping neighbor and friends when they needed her.

All these things I would miss and so much more

If e're you walked out that door.

Can't bear to think of god calling you home,

And leaving me here all alone.

If you go first, I don't want to give you a start,

I will be right behind, done in by a broken heart.

So lord if you are listening, please

If you take her, please take me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another to the love of my life.

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