Copyright 8/18/00

Watching your children play

On a bright summer day

They have no fear nor worry,

You wonder why teens want

To grow up in such a hurry.

From knee to foot, foot to bike,

They grow so fast, these little tykes.

Next it is ‘Dad, can I have the keys to the car?’

It is happy/sad to see they have come so far.

Then it is ‘Dad, meet your grandson’

It makes you feel older, but you look forward to the fun.

Grandpas can do with the grands all the neat stuff,

Then take them back home when he has had enough.

Can play ball or go to the park,

Just have to be home before it gets dark.

Go to the circus to recapture your youth,

Tho’ you say it is for the grand, we know the truth.

Take them fishing and let them catch the first fish,

And swear to all that that was your wish

While secretly thinking, ‘that was my trout’,

I guess that is what grandpaing is all about.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My perceptions of being and grandad 4 times over.

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