The Eyes of a Child

Copyright 6/26/00

The eyes of a child sees no despair
Only happiness and wonder are there.
The eyes of a child sees no hate,
Only love and friendship, ain’t that great?

The eyes of a child show no fear
For there protector is always near.
The eyes of a child only sees what is true
And reflects back what is me and you.

Oh to be able to turn back the clock
To recapture that innocence lost.
We could make this world a better place
And keep the look of wonder on that child’s face.

To see the world through that child’s eyes
To guide our actions would make us wise.
Knowing this can never be,
We can only hope and believe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired at a Big Lots.  I was picking up a journal to record my poems, and a child cried for one thing or another and the 1st two lines I had to get down quickly, so I ran to my truck and jotted them down quickly in my new journal and when I got back to my desk, the rest just fell out on the paper.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I love children. They're honest, innocent, giving, forgiving, hopeful, faithful, warm, affectionate, etc. They always make me wish for adults not losing what they possess as knowledge, wisdom, and maturity comes. If only there was a way to blend them together and not wind up tainted, angry, heart broken, isolated, etc. One can dream, but not as freely as a child. God bless them and all those who love them dearly.

Melvin  Lee's picture

Smilesz.... yes..another poem from the perspective of a child. U phrase it so well....especially the opening two lines...the inspiration must have struck u really hard eh?~! Smilesz. NIce poem.

Nancy H's picture

Very nice Farrell!! Your words and vision remind me of William Wordsworth's "Ode: Intimations of Immortality" where the author searches and succeeds at recapturing the essence of the childhood "celestial light"(4) from a distance. In tracing the child’s inevitable fall from innocence and immortality to the natural world of the mortals, Wordsworth acquires the knowledge to use his imagination in order to form a unity within himself and within nature. The innocence of a child is truly something that should be protected and cherished... it unfortunately does not remain, sometimes being stolen way too young. I have often thought about how very different our world would be if this loss was not reality... would it make it a better world?? yes, I agree with you that it would. Thank you! Nancy