The Sword

Copyright 10/10/00

As this sword is lifted from the deep

It is to wonder,

how it came into the sea's keep.

The stories it could tell.

The men it had fell.

The women it left to weep.

Whom did it belong?

And how did it come to sleep,

With the fishes here in the deep.

Was it lost in battle as its master fell?

Did his ship die in nature's swell?

Its secrets will forever be

Lost in time's mystery.

But, I can't help wondering

how it came to rest here,

So very far from the atmosphere.

Resting in this watery grave

Far from knight or knave.

Did it save the ship in a heroic fight?

Or was it lost overboard at night?

Did it belong to a hero strong?

Or was it a prop in a coward's song?

We shall never know how it came to sleep,

Here in the watery deep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a Spanish sword from the Atosha.

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Karyn Indursky's picture many questions over something as "simple" as a sword. It shows how the history of everything complicates even the most "simpliiest" of things. Good job.

Adelaide's picture

Hi Huck,
I like this one. I see room for a few improvements and I am sure you can pinpoint them as well as I can. However, I am going to suggest you add the word "to" to your fifth line to read, "The men it had to fell". I liked the content of this poem, the "taking you back" quality.

hawksquaw99's picture

another well written piece.... I am so glad that I found you here..... I will be checking back from time to time to see what's new