Dyin Happy

Copyright 10/24/00

Ms O'Malley, it is bad news you see,

Your husband Fred drowned at the brewery.

He fell into a vat of stout,

And fought all attempts to pull him out.

He did climb out three times to take a leak.

Couldn't stop his return, 'cause we were so weak.

He died with smile on his face though,

As his last words were, "What a way to go".

Do not mourn his pass.

He died very happy, lass.

Half the vat he imbibed,

Before he finally up and died.

We can't bury him cause he is so high,

We can't reach him there in the sky.

When my time has come and death is nigh,

Into that vat, plan to go I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was just for fun.

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Katie N's picture

this made me smile :)

Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

This is TRES AMUSANT, and very good!

'leesh, the sweet algolagniac x

jonah (richard weller)'s picture

We liked this one too. I put beer out for the slugs in the garden. They go for a drink, then fall in and drown. Similar to me and the whole "famn damily."

Melvin  Lee's picture

HAhahaha.....ohyes...a cute poem indeed. Smilesz.

Edwin Robinette's picture

I enjoyed this poem, very funny! COOOOOOOL!!!