The Artist

Her medium is canvas, poetry, and stone.

She is in a crowd but all alone.

In all her works she leans toward the abstract.

Let us take a moment to explore this fact.

Her sculptures are beautiful to behold,

But stone is oh so cold.

Stone, in its raw state, hides many things

Beautiful sculpture, dirt , to diamond rings.

Even when finished, there may be treasures inside,

Or useless rock and flaws, there to hide.

She likes Chagall, was he not abstract too,

Hiding beauty of realism with color and hue.

What is it she fears, to see it as it is

And say it without fear, this artistic wiz?

Her poetry.  Words with a story untold

Like the stone, must be worked to behold.

What is it she seeks but is afraid to say outright in ode?

What past tragedy, makes her poetry seem almost like code?

For her my wishes for all the best.

And for coaching me to understand her tests

And for being such a great artist and friend

One day I will learn the proper way for a poem to end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a special lady who has helped me to understand more about this craft than all the years I spent in school.  Thanks and hugs.  You know who you are.

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onelilartist's picture

Very interesting observation. "What past tragedy makes her poetry seem almost like a code?" Very astute.

Deborah Russell's picture

Thank you for telling me about your new post. It is an interesting observation.

Melvin Lee's picture

Using words to pen the painting....and using paint to color the poem... Smilesz. Great style, Huck. GLad u found a new passion ~ Keep it up ~~! Thanxs for informing me of this new gem. ;)