Let Thine Eyes Gaze Within Me

Through his own sternum

Do his fingers pierce deep

To pull his ribs apart

As a book is parted and read

To reveal his blood, his guts

The very core of who he is

And as the days air

Instantly freezes his insides

His legs shutter, yes even shake

To stand as long as it takes

For all to see the Name

Thats carved on his heart

I live for Jesus Christ

No Jesus, No peace

Know Jesus, Know peace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never understood what comittment it really was to be saved. 17 years today I've been saved and only now do I understand that God has ahold of me not by my hand but by my wrist. I could let go but God still has ahold of me and thats salvation. God has ahold of me and He will never let me go. I also have learned what God meant when He said He was a Jealous God. He doesn't play for second place. "you shall have no other gods before Me" He wants me and He wants you completely. By this I understand what it means to be luke warm. Hot is not good and cold is no bad. Hot is good and cold is good, and luke warm is bad. Hot cooks, cleanses, comforts, caresses. Like wise cold preserves, refreshes, awakens. Luke warm truly has no purpose as do I when I don't make Christ first in my life. I am crucified with Christ now. This is who I am now and forever. Amen.

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Excellent testimony!