Bring about the pace,

And slow perpetual beat

Giving off that resurging race,

Reacting from electrical heat

Mahogany, ebony, koa, maple, birch

Just let me groove, let me ride

Its a mystical search

No lyric to blast

No simple word to describe

Its just musicians pride

To cast all feelings forth

So raise your head

Shoot it straight

With your ears

Let me rise

From every joy, every tear

Coming forth from your eyes

Just cut it loose, cut it loose

To lifes euphoric ride

Its mother natures emotion

Its Gods most awesome perfection

From every wedding reception

To every funeral persession

Its a sole groove erupting

Your guts entwined and convulsing

Your body just cant stop shaking

The goosebumps simply keep raising

Your pacing, its racing,

I just cant keep it from lacing

That blood thirsty quenched relation

And adrenalin sensation

Jack it

Amp it

Rock it

Groove it

Ride it

Slap it

Pluck it

Strum it

Acoustic, electric, innocent, and eccentric

Its bass alive tonight

So people

Plug it and play it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was inspired tonight by a rhyme scheme poem I read on the randoms. Felt like doing one myself.

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Lady Gwen's picture

I have read through bass. My first reaction: I laughed not being a bass player I don't feel it the way you have. I want to play some now just after reading this. It really expesses how you feel when you play, but now I know what is in a rocker's head. The bass player isn' heard much in a consert or he doesn't speak. I see his face all the time. Now Iknow what he/she is thinking.