The Dead Clocks

The days are growing shorter

And the clock ticks only for so long

Eventually the battery dies

And one must change the life source

If time can continue

A clock is designed to tick

Without a battery it is dead

And is incapable of doing anything

Whether its intentions

Be for what its designed to do

Or its intentions

Are to do something else

Either way it is dead without a battery

By the grace of God,

                          There go I

Oh how my heart goes out to a lost soul

They seek to do so many things

Evil is our nature

And though we may try to do good things

It all accounts for nothing

As we are dead clocks

But with Christ we can tick

We can bring meaning

Our lives can have purpose

And peace can finally dwell

Where there is now so much depression

If I believe in Christ

Then I believe in Heaven

If I believe in Heaven

Then I believe in Hell

If I believe in Hell

Then I believe in the Devil

As I also believe

One day we will all spend eternity in one of those places

Where Christ brings conviction

The devil brings guilt

Oh how for so long

Have I confused the two

conviction always applies

To my sinful habits

I commit in the present

And guilt is the reminding

Of all the sins

I committed in the past

If you have read this far

Let me encourage you

Be of good cheer

For guilt is not of Christ

It is from the father of all lies

The devil

Christ loves us

I know this

because Christ

First demonstrated

His love towards all of us

By dying for all of us

Even though our nature is evil

Even though we are all sinful

Even though we don't understand

Even though we don't care

He died for us anyway

So my sins would be forgiven

So that when I'm reminded of past sins

I can say "no" my sins are forgiven

The past doesn't matter anymore

Oh God! Who am I? Why me?

For so many years

I felt obligated

To live religously

Because I owed it to God

And I was wrong

For that is guilt

And religion is of man

Christ didn't do it

Expecting something in return

His purpose is not to pressure

Or to "obligate" or "expect"

Christ loves us

And He wants to pull us out

Of the sinful mud puddle

That Satan has set for you to fall in

Won't you let Him?

Are you tired of feeling cold?

Are you tired of feeling sad?

Our Father in Heaven offers Light

The natural law of Light

Is that it gives clarity

It warms and causes things to grow

It gives nescessary energy

To make a clock tick

If you want the light

His name is Jesus Christ

And all you have to do is ask Him

He's everywhere and in everything

And He's all ears

Today is all we have

And Satan wants you to wait until tomorrow

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Lady Gwen's picture

wow that was short and practical. I can almost see a clock on my wall and I want to go check the batteries for some reason.