Itchy Eyes

The pendulem swings and knocks

A mouse scurries in the corner

Shadows are still

Air is humid and putrid

Spirits creep around

My depression seeps through

The heaviness of my eyes

And the depth of my dreams

Just anogther passing night

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oh crud this was painful. I was curious about the eyes. they don't seem itchy when they are tired, aww but yes they are. You seem to go back to another time in this poesm. I was there as I read it. Reminds me of the hunckback of notre dame. One thing I did notice was the interuption of flow from line seven to line eight.It sounds like you are sleepy and describing your invironment. And then it moves to dreams. When did you fall asleep? Or is this a Dream? It was just unclear. Also, I have never seen this spelling of pendulum. The one that swings has a second u.