Does Pain Have A Time Limit?

The rose of a rare color

Is daily sought,

Daily depressed

With my daily thoughts,

And as I refrained oh slowly did gain

My cries my fears

I cannot bear,

Its daily weight increases and wains

With each link that is taken

From the shackles of pain,

From the shackles of pain

Do the chains grow short,

Slowly choaking my hope

Surely breaking my heart

Daily die does my hate

With each sin forgiven

In the life of a grunge

Merely dying and living


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Lady Gwen's picture

The title as a question seems retorical. I have tried to answer it while reading the poem. The grunge continues this cycle of pain. There is not any relief, I was hoping there would be at the end. what does the rose symbolize. Who did you loose that is breaking your heart? that is what I feel as I read it over and over.