One day I was just out of myself

a simple and irresistible sunrise

I was lucky enough to be there,

I could fly thru the sky,

I could see the earth below

I made other friends

many birds, over there

I couldn’t understand

how people is to small

something like ants from there

and I couldn’t believe why

they are so complicated

I was not a human, I was a bird

I didn’t feel pain or fear

just freedom and peace,

I saw a beautiful cloud,

so white as pure cotton

so confortable and soft as air

and I took a nap over there,

Beautiful music of the stars,

and I became a human,

and my egoes were telling me

to find more, and travel to the space,

But , a voice from the heaven

Sent me back, not to my cloud

I woke up in the water,

the waves carried me ashore,

to an isolated island, plenty of food

but no money needed to trade,

what for ?, and I became a river

full of butterflies tickling my skin,

from there, I was just wondering

why I was dumped from the sky ???.

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