How would you feel when the cat is MiauoooING outside ?

and you,  you are desperate to call your mother, 10,000 kms away

when no phone answer , and you expect the worst

and finally , you’ve got through

and you talk with the old angel

and your sister tells you , she is in bed

she is strugling to hold one glass in her hand

and we have started to count down.

And all the family from overseas are come,

to may be say good bye

when you need the money , you probably, thrown away before

and now , it is to hard to even count the pennies

how I would like to turn back the time

and think wisely and properly,

but , even  now, I can not control those stupid trends

How do you feel , if your Dad killed himself

because , the house felt empty ,

all the kids overseas and away in their affairs

Sad, life, tricky, little shit, you are just a smoke of breath

How can you listen my songs in the silence?

How beautiful they sound, when you are now in heaven

How beautiful and warm, were your arms,

When I was so indefensible

Naive, you were my protection, my heat, my God

Still , you are my tears in my heart

I can feel you, you slipping away off my life

Now, when I feel in my tears and my blood

It is all part of you.

I can only cry of happiness, and joy

And wish you a nice and smooth dream

You know, how I wish to be next to you

And pretend not to cry and smile until your last breathe

And sing you, your favourite song

Thanks for still smiling, and try to make it easy for us

You have been always strong until the last minute

But I am not; I need to learn that from you

And I am just writing something

I would love to tell you, but I can’t.

Because, I have to smile mother to let you go, with my GOD

And next to my father

Thanks for everything, everything, my words, before you go

BIG KISS IN THE DISTANCE, but you will be always in my heart

And Now I feel your resurrection with Moya, 5 months old daughter

Coming to my life.  GOD WITH YOU ALWAYS

With all the LOVE of the my Mother

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