As I sit in the evening. The moon
brightly shining. A warm breeze
gently blowing. Blowing memories
of someone...

My mind wanders back to another
time and place. To a small island
nation. To someone I hold as a
dear friend.

Thinking, what are you doing tonight?
Wish I could be there with you. Sit,
talk, and laugh for awhile. Just enjoy
your company. Renew old conversations.
Maybe write some poetry together.

It is getting late here, and since I
can't be there. Good night, friend.
Perhaps another time. God bless.


(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A letter to my dear friend.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can relate to this one too as I have many friends out of state and in different time zones so I too have landed misc times in vm.

vilmazab's picture

I sooo love the title..

vilmazab's picture

Love this beautiful poem, reminds me of my small island, wish you can be here,a true and warm friend awaits..