As she ascended the stairs.  
Pausing for a moment. Standing on  
the balcony reflecting on yesterday.
She turned momentarily, her eyes
scanning the crowd of beautiful
people, gathering for a lovely
Music was softly playing. Couples
were swaying to the music.It was
a magical scene.
Suddenly a pair of eyes were
looking back at her. Someone so
famaliar, someone from yesterday
had stepped out of her dreams,  
and emerged into this life time.
He was dancing with a lovely lady.
She was visibly shaken, turning away
to regain her composure for a moment.
Thinking she must get closer, take
another look, speak to him. Somehow
capture his attention.
As she approached the stairs, she
turned once again to find the face
that eluded her so many times before.
The face of yesterday. 
The lovely lady was standing, talking
with friends.Laughing in merriment.
The familiar face was nowhere in sight.
It had vanished into the night. As if a
vapor. Was this reality or an illusion?
Her heart sank in despair.

 copyright by heather burns

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hey girl, this is something new in your portfolio, but i like it, a story teller you have become...good job!

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hi vilma, thanks for your comment. I am just trying a little something different.