There is a great need for the  
Ambassador for Peace, Afzal
Shauq, to step forward in peace
and harmony.

   This world cries out for him.
Move into the highways, and byways.

A friendly smile is the best weopon
of war to fight with(AFZAL SHAUQ)
Put away your guns.

   Come to the conference table.
Discussion will find the solution,
to all problems.

   The starving of the world, must
be fed. The naked must be clothed.
The needs of the lowely must be met.

   A coming together of nations must
take place. To start preparing the
World for a better tomorrow.  

   The Ambassador for Peace, Afzal Shauq,
will be armed with a smile, and a white
flag for peace.



(c) copyright heather burns

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Afzal Shauq's picture

I get emotional and tear..with spritual satisfaction when you consider me ambasador of peace.. dear heather , its all your greatness..otherwise I am a just lay man..dreaming peace and humanity amongst my worldwide true cousins... I am happy that you are supporting peace being a peace wisher and stay beside and helping me to step on .. respect you for all your sweet, strong, big and honey words that you have used in this poem and sure this will be part of my ltierature and will be giving me a much courage..thank you heather dear for your fair and friendly feeplings being true and very true companion of me for humanity love based cause of of luck and say..wish you happy with long smiling life..

vilmazab's picture

So timely and just about time, to recognize him a true peace wisher...Thank you for the likes of Afzal Shauq.