We continue creating a picture
with words,
Until we become the master
of our canvas.
Always striving for perfection.

(c) copyright heather burns

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the_bard's picture

Even a simple story-teller like me can see the true within such small but charming poem!
It's wonderful how so few words can say so much...


...on silver strings...!

vilmazab's picture

True, true, always striving for that perfect piece, perfect picture of words, and wishing that somehow they are there to read what our hearts speaks.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I absolutely agree with this because we're always looking to write the perfect piece and always looking for the "right" words/metaphors to describe our thoughts/feelings at the moment of writing.. Only a writer knows what this truly means. Readers often thing it's so easy for a writer to write and that's not always the case. Sometimes things come like a breeze 1-2-3- and other times not as much..