Lets you and I steal away,
To some enchanted kingdom
by the bay.

Somewhere in dreamland,
I'll wait for you.
Together, we'll make dreams
come true.

Somewhere along the milky-
We'll embrace in blissful

A magical ring is all we need,
Our power of love to succeed.

I'll take the ring, present  
it to you,
This is all we need to do.

On a magic carpet, fly away,
To some enchanted kingdom
by the bay.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On a magic carpet we'll fly away together.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

what a romantic heartfelt poem with sweet way done... I really enjoyed your poem.. and it seems to me that its from your kind loving heart and emotions are respectful...tocuhy, soul feeling and make me think in the way you do..wonderful one... loving one..feeling one..and dreamy and hope its true... and sure it will be true if the time is supporting you... well done dear heather sweet eyes

heatherburns35's picture

Let"s Fly Away

I am inviting you to take the magical trip with me.

vilmazab's picture

This is so romantic,there will always be a place, a time and a song for all lovers out there.. I love this piece, hope you are doing well.

heatherburns35's picture

If I could fly away with you,
All my dreams would come true.