As I sit in the cool  
of the evening. A breeze  
rustles in the leaves.  
The trees whisper your
name. I hear a voice
calling me.

I reconize your tone,  
it continues to sooth me.  
I would love to answer
your call. Meet you in the
moonlight.Renew our friend-
ship. I have so many  
topics to  discuss, some so
funny, others very serious.

I'd love to take your hand
and stroll beside the waters
edge. Share precious moments
with you. Perhaps write a poem
about our friendship. Just
linger there for awhile,
enjoy being with you. But it
is not possible at this time.
Good night honey, rest well.

(c) copyright heather burns

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what a lovely love poem and the words and verses are quit touching heart and soul.. one can feel them..well done

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Good night Honey!

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Good night... : /

Good night... : /

beautiful poem.

Copyright © morningglory

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thanks Healingwoman for reading and commenting on my poem.