As I sit this morning, and sip
my coffee. I am thinking about
a lovely small island nation.
A house perched high on a hill-
top, over looking the bay.
Beautiful balconies surrounding
it. Boats emerging in and out of
the harbor. The sun is brightly
shinning. You are there enjoying
the day.
And as the day is ending, this
someone is sitting looking at the
moonlight sipping a bit of favorite
wine, writing wonderful poetry.
Poetry about a lover just in the
next room. An arms length away.
If I had a magic carpet, I would
meet you there in your moonlight,
and enjoy it with you. We would
talk, laugh, and spend H/V time
together. It would be my pleasure.
You are my special friend.  
        Good night.

(c) copyright heather burns

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vilmazab's picture

Thank you so much for this very touching and endearing poem, it is a lovely way to describe a place in time that someday you might get to see, and be sure, I will be waiting for you, while watching the full moon sitting by the sea, welcoming a dear and lovely friend in verse!