Somehow the secret door of time
has been unlocked. Allowing us
to look within our souls and
find each other.

Somehow, while I was sleeping
you crept into my dreams, and
stole my heart. My dearest one.
The one I have always cultivated
in the chambers of my mind. My
perfect one, my adored one.

Pressing through the veil of time,
we have reached this stage. Dream
lover, could this dream become
reality? Prehaps we might meet in
your vista or mine.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Perhaps we have met before, in another time and place......

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Hi Heather!At last I made it here to your page, lol.Very nice poem you got here.I enjoyed reading it.Thank you for reading me here at Postpoems and at Today's.I do appreciate so much your support and kind comments about my work.I just released two poetry books of my work if you're interested.You can find them at Lulu.com.I hope that you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving Day :)Merry Christmas to you and God bless you.D.