feeding the demon

It's my own mind that I fear.

As it makes up stories.


Ones that make me unworthy..

Choosing not love, like I used to do.


It's the demon who moves

inside my mind and through my soul.


He's out of control.

Messing with my head.


I feel like I'm being bled.

He's feeling like being fed.


And I keep shoveling food

for fools into his mouth.


So he can spout his lies

and make me cry and deny...


my worth.



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joshie's picture

demon awesome

demon awesome

Morningglory's picture

He's a little fucker head. I

He's a little fucker head. I wish he'd just leave me be. It's just, I'm down to my last 20 bucks and it will be weeks before I see a paycheck. I need to be fed. But the demon gets food instead. Fear has climbed into my bed. And I don't want to starve to death.

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bishu's picture

The 20$ yah has iz counterfeit........

The 20$ yah has iz counterfeit........ so... no brekfist, no lynch... no cigarettes Surprised



Morningglory's picture

Well, shoooooot! Good thing

Well, shoooooot! Good thing they didn't notice when I traded it for foods! Haha!! Now I have $0. But will have breakfast AND lunch! Yaya!

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