Inside Juggernaut Jaws

Inside Juggernaut Jaws

Tied to my own private post

Blindfold tight

Cigarette lit


The firing squad is armed and aimed

Imaginary bullets inside invisible guns


A cigarette would be my last meal(if you knew)


Everything with eyes closed, closed, closed




Whoosh. pause. Through-the-wall-bass

Whoosh. pause. C-minor Chord

Whoosh. pause. Whoosh.


A cat would be nice

Prune fingers

Laugh is different almost every time now

Heart-good-but-bites-strangers(i’ll put a sign around my neck for legal purposes)


Everything with eyes closed, closed, closed


I let you all climb in 

Through the right ear

To have a good look around

See the colors

Talk to each other

Find and lose and Find and lose


I give up ownership

Because I don’t believe 




In time

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