Vacant Eyes

Eyes Vacant

Neon-Sign Half-Lit-Sword-Swallowing


Straight, a Big-Black Snake

Curls Down to the Heart


Why With So Many Bottles

Do We Sing-Slink-Along Alone

Why With So Many Words

Are We Still-Silent?


Can You Produce the Devil?

At Any Given Hour-

(Tying On His Shoes and Worried about Tommorrow, an Hour)

Will You Produce?


Sacred Sacrife In-Between Leaves

Five Colors

Don't Plot-It

It Ain't Cool Anymore


We Now Speak and Drink Easily

99 Of Us Didn't Get the Dinner Invitation

Get Me Fast to Greece

I'm a Plumber


Beginning Now


A Mass of People Start to Revolutionize Peace

Draw-Bridge Pulled


It's Not a Castle We Seek

Nor Moat

It's Not a Castle We Seek

Just a Little Rain


Cool the Temperature on the Icicle

It's Running High Fevers

Stick-People Drawn Sunset

Who are the Figures?
















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