once apon a time...

the bears are dancing to old sixties music in the moonlight. they each have moonrings to tell them apart because not one of them are sane. they are all growling and unfolding their claws ready to fight. they are hopping around madly and knocking on doors to see if god is home. but no one answers. only a small girl with a stupid beat up silver star in her hand. behind her is another girl. a smaller girl. a polly pocket version of the girl. polly pocket version is dancing round, but the other version is standing aside, watching in confusion and sadness of what she used to be and where it all has gone. where has all the - late night fairy tale - monsters in the closet - small world after all, as she drifts off to sleep, where is the - sand pit cakes - & cicadias in the trees (have they all died?)

the bears tell the girl to grow up. grow up. become an adult. so she drops her star. & becomes an adult in a day. everyday she learns that everything she knew is gone, not true and useless. romantic dreams. too many romantic dreams. disappointment.

she joins the bears in their insane world. chaotic calamity. mixing together. four walls immovable. growling and slashing (and howling, of course) at the moon.

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