A nickname I never knew about

Easter her favorite holiday

she loves to watch bull riding

I would never have known

information given

questions you would not think to ask

how wild.... you think you know someone

then you hear things you never thought about

these are things about my sister in law

to me she is just Meg, wonder woman

when I met her she was cool

my brother fell in love

I was proud, he did good

she transformed from single lady

into a loving wife and friend

going to school, keeping house

later becoming mother to Tyler

always on the Dean's list

not bad for a wonder woman

she has held my respect for sometime now

last April she blessed my brother and our family

with the most beautiful twin boys

she has once again transformed

and right before our eyes

she is now really wonder woman

mom to three, wife to my brother

and also works..... she juggles well don't you think

the most amazing thing to me is

she always seems to find a minute to let me know

she is thinking of me.... just a little hello

Meg you are one amazing lady..... beauty and grace

all in one package.... I admire your style.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

well I never knew you were called "Prissy"... that is cute..... but you don't really seem prissy to me....

I love ya sis..... may you have all the blessings this life can offer you......

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