Known As Gump

He wonders why we look at him funny,

He wonders why we stare,

He has no idea that we don't like him,

And ask why, he would not dare.

He drives me nuts some days,

He is simply just too slow,

He walks around all goofy,

Thoughts for him just don't flow.

He laughs out loud at nothing,

He mutters to himself to,

He stands and waits for time to leave,

What else is there for him to do.

He rides to work on a bike,

He says he knows the best way,

He has no car or license,

Not much else to say.

He is known as "GUMP" to us,

He is something to behold,

He makes me want to puke,

When dealt his hand he said I'll fold.

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reco humphrey's picture

very very good poem!! that's what we call this guy at my j.o.b except it's because anything you have done or any place you have been he has done it all. anyway enough rambling on my party thanks for posting this you really got me laughing

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Interesting read, I think!!!! Some people just have a knack of getting the better of us sometimes.... a good thing to try for the patience.. which at the moment, I lack! lol.. Good read! Roz :)

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, this one reminded me of a dorky intern at my last job. He not only made me want to puke I wanted to slap the living crap outta him! Good poem!

Billy's picture

I like the way it just seemed to flow together =)

Melvin's picture

HHHmm...misleading title for me...thought the poem was based on FOrrest Gump...but anywayz, this character dat u described is kinda like him too, huh?? I like the simple , direct way u used here,,,although the last stanza's last 2 lines seem kinda forced...Jus a little suggestion here....Smilesz.'s good work/!