thinking of you


you want me, you love me, no wait you hate me, im in, ur out, ur up, im down, im here, ur there, theirs a page we never on it.
You want me, but i gotta wall up, i start to tear it down, only to give you the pieces and tools to build yours up. Family thats all i ever wanted, now it feels you wanna give mine to another, i know to my child youll be a great mother, what could be better then a mother, but its father right there with her. you want me to love you yet you torture me and give me no time to do so. you ask me do i love you, no not yet but i cant see my life without you, that jus aint enough, i dont know what the fuck else to do but write this shit on paper for you. when i woke up i thought of you, when i got dressed i thought of you, when i brushed my teeth i thought of you, when i wheel barrowed 15 tons of concrete i was thinking of you, when you ignored me i thought of you and no not in a bad way, when i got my check i thought of you and the look on your face when i would give you these flowers, when i got dressed for my second job i thought of you, while i was at work all i did was think of you, i get home what do i do but think of you, shower think of you and no not in a freak nasty way, before bed think of you thats why im writing this i cant sleep cause i cant stop thinking of you and my baby, so heres what my day consists of wake up .....think of you .......think of you .....think of you .....think of you .....think of you.....think of you sleep

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