What is this feeling i feel, its like im choking on the taste of my breath,

or maybe, im drowning on my own saliva.

  I feel as if im locked away in an asylum, somewhere time ceases to exist,

bound by a straight jacket where every move i make,

every squirm, every wriggle, reminds me of how unhappy i am in my own skin, i often dream of literally tearing out of it.

As i question where do i go, what do i do, is there anybody else out there,

or am i destined to aimlessly wonder this dry, desolate place we call earth, until i finally wake from this fucked up dream.

Wait a minute i feel pain, sorrow, love, hate, regret, this ain't a dream, im awake.



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Very nice, I feel your pain.

Very nice, I feel your pain. Hang in there :)


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this is intense, very very

this is intense, very very good. its very painful, i can tell that this is a very upsetting issue fro you and i hope that soon your skin will fold to your liking and you can maybe even find some comfort in wearing it :)

~Grass is green~ <^>

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thanks the inspiration for

thanks the inspiration for this one is centered on the not so distant past and the way i was living things arnt so bad now

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