Even in a field of thorns

and weeds

One flower can stand out

Poised and tall

So strong

So beautiful

That flower reminds me

of you


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I saw that to myself all the time... just like that!! Deja vu!? :O that is amazing to me!

but you know what thy say about great minds..

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Thanks again. Your so kind.

Thanks again. Your so kind. This was one that I wrote to my wife two years ago. She has it in a frame on her wall. That made it all worth while. Thanks again for your comment.

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I like this short little

I like this short little sweet 

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Thank you for your comment. I just happen to find this site. I have been reading some of the poems. Nice. I added one more today call "Thought I'd let you know". Again thanks.

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 Well, I'll check it out.

 Well, I'll check it out. Like your pic you two look sweet together. :)

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We have our moments. After 30 yrs., moments are more and more important to me.