northern lights

The northern lights are calling to me
Telling me, they are my destiny

They whisper my name, calling me home
With promises to never, be alone

They appear when darkness falls across the land
They guide me to a man with gentle hands

Is it the northern lights that whispers out to me
Is it someone who allows me, in love to believe?

The northern lights shine upon his soul
Letting me see all there is to know

Across the miles I see into his heart
Only in distance are we apart

So northern lights, shine bright, so I can see
The path that leads me to where I want to be

I know what waits for me at the end
Northern lights and a new life to begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for the only man who allowed me to be myself, and love me in spite of myself, I hope to one day be that girl he loved, not the one whp left

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Gary Dean's picture

An excellent beginning-Is this person like the northern lights? How real is he? I liked this one.

9inety's picture

Lines such as this stanza from "Northern Lights", the entire poem is amazing, but this stanza resonates for me so much.

the northern lights shine upon his soul
letting me see all there is to know

across the miles i see into his heart
only in distance are we apart

Great work.

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot