Im just tired of you

really will you just get off my damn back you ridiculous brat you say to me like its nothing.

Well news flash its not nothing .

Im a person not just that peice of dust on the furniture you dust off like its nothing. 

No im a person a living loving human being.

you need a break when you call me a bitch and a brat.

Well has it ever occurred to you that maybe i want a break.

News flash i want a break from you.

I dont eant to be called the brat.

The bitch.



I dont i just dont.

I try to forgive and forget about this.

But when it happens day its hard.

Lifes hard i know.

I try to tell you how i dont like when you call me these names but all you can do is look at you damn phone.

At home im an over dramatic ridiculous bitch.

But when were out.

Im your perfect little girl.

i dont think so.

Im done taking your mother fucking crap.

I dont even need you bitch.

I dont need you to say im yours.

Cuz news flash im my real moms.

3 years of this crap is just to much. 

But i know if i try to tell you.

Try to ask you to stop.

Try to get you to be nice.

All your going to fucking say is.

Your ridiculous.

Im not that bad.

Well your stuck with me.

Or my personal favorite.

Thats not even fucking true.

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girl she surely does sound hard to live with! I'm sorry you have to deal with her I wish you luck!