You just you

You tell me to calm down.

 To stop being an obnoxious brat.

 You wonder why i dont like.

 You wonder why i dont trust you.

 Why dont you tell me stuff you ask.

 Well has it ever occurred to you that i dont like being told my feelings are wrong.

 Why do you hate me you ask.

 Well maybe i dont like you telling me all this degrading shit.

 So lets stop this cycle of me being the bitch.

Lets change this.

 What if i went around calling you names?

 How would you feel?

 Not good right?

Well maybe before you go around saying im these things you should stop and think how would i feel.

So heres my thoughts right now what ive been dieing to tell you all these years.

Youre the bitch not me.

 Ypu should just back off of me a for once lay back and be relaxed.

My damn feelings are not wrong ok bitch..9

You talk about me behind my damn back.

Maybe you should go back to school for manners.

Remember for respect you must give it first which brings me to the next thought.

You say im not respectful.

But what is respect.

Because i know for damn sure its not the fucking way you treat me. 

You say you love me.

But is loving someone calling them names?


So you can not say that to me.

You say im your daughter.

Really im not i have a mom who actually cares for me. 

You just call me names.

Im only here because my dad is.

By the way bitch you can stop calling him your husband.

Cuz lets face it that marriage isnt going to happen. 

And you can leave since your only here to use him.

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sorry she sounds like a real bitch! whoose taking over your dad! Some pepole never learn how to grow up! if only that was'nt so! you should try explaining that to her and see how she reacats! when you 18 you wont have to worry about her! im always here for you hun!